Viking Hoses & Fittings can repair or replace the undercarriage of your heavy equipment. We are able to fix a wide range of equipment right at our shop in Orange County, New York. Repairs range from; dozers, skid steers, excavators, feller bunchers, forestry equipment, loggers, mini excavators, pavers, track drills, track loaders and several other machines. For any machine you have we can also remove undercarriage parts including; idlers, rollers, sprockets, tension devices, and trackers. When it is possible we try out best to repair them before we result in replacing them. 

  • Line Boring
  • Replace Pin and Bushing
  • Machining Pins 
  • Machining Bushings


We can restore the dimensions of a worn out pin or bushing right in our machine shop. Even if you always properly grease and maintain your equipment you can end up with pins that cause gouges the bushing. If this continues for a longer period of time the pin will eventually start digging into the steel, causing damage to the structure of the equipment. The machine could have just bushing damage and will need to get the pin and bushing replaced. If it has caused further damage we are able to use the line bore and correct the damage that was caused to return the machine back to its original working condition.