Can hydraulic cylinders be repaired?

Yes, most of the time Hydraulic cylinders can be repaired. The only time you really can’t repair a cylinder is when it comes down to price. A repaired cylinder is as good or better than a new one. We use the same or better than OEM parts and materials.

Sometimes due to the cost, it is not worth it and is more economical to buy a new one. Sometimes you can’t even get a new one and you are left with no choice but to repair it. Viking is capable of just about anything when it comes to Hydraulic Cylinder Repair.

How much does it cost to rebuild a hydraulic cylinder?

The cost to repair or rebuild a Hydraulic cylinder depends on the size and seal configuration. It can range from $350-$750+.

You can have a small cylinder that is very expensive, or you can have a large one that is less expensive. It just depends on the brand and size.

Can welded hydraulic cylinders be repaired?

Yes, welded hydraulic cylinders can be repaired. Viking is one of the most experienced at fixing welded hydraulic cylinders. We have all the equipment and knowledge to fix welded cylinders.

How do you stop a hydraulic cylinder from leaking?

You stop a hydraulic cylinder from leaking by resealing it.

How do I know if my hydraulic cylinder is bad?

It can be leaking, which is obvious. But it can also be bypassed internally. The piston seal could be worn out.

How do I know if my hydraulic cylinder is bypassing?

It won’t hold position.

What are the most common causes of hydraulic system failure?

Overheating the oil. Lack of maintenance.

What happens when hydraulic fluid is low?

  • The oil gets hot.
  • You lose power as you are losing oil pressure.
  • Cavitation – This is probably the worst thing you can do to a hydraulic system.

How do you troubleshoot a hydraulic pump?

You have to be able to test pressure and flow.  There are so many things that come into play.  This is where the professionals come in.  It is time to call the Viking.

How do you measure a hydraulic cylinder?

Hydraulic cylinders are measured by Bore, Stroke, and Rod Size. 

Why do hydraulic cylinders leak?

They could have damaged rods, compromised chrome, overheating the oil, poor maintenance.

Why do hydraulic cylinders fail?

Overheating the oil and lack of maintenance.


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